Sterling Forest and Stewart Bird Release Schedule

The following table lists the dates of the bird releases at Sterling Forest and Stewart


  • Week of 10/8/18 – 115 pheasant
  • Week of 10/15/18 – 115 pheasant, 35 quail
  • Week of 10/22/18 – 115 pheasant, 50 quail
  • Week of 10/29/18 – 115 pheasant, 40 quail
  • Week of 11/2/18 – 115 pheasant, 35 quail
  • Week of 2/9/19 – 115 pheasant

Sterling Forest

  • Week of 10/21/18 – 55 quail
  • Week of 10/21/18 – 55 quail
  • Week of 12/9/18 – 55 quail

Sterling Forest 2018-2019 Hunting Application

The 2018-2019 Sterling Forest Hunting Application form can be downloaded here: SFSP 2018-2019 Hunting Application.

The link to their website can be found here.

Bird Preserve Dues are Due

See the Bird Preserve page for details and a release schedule.

Passing of Dominick Morelli

It is with a heavy heart that we relate to you the passing of Dominick Morelli.
Dom was a very active member of our club, an archery and pistol aficionado, a member of the ROMEOS and a multiple-term member of the board of directors.

Services will be held on Sunday, July 8, 2018, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the
Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc,
Monroe Office,
139 Stage Road
Monroe, NY 10950.


The Pistol and Rifle Committees have purchased a LabRadar chronograph for use by members of the club, funded from the proceeds of the Winter Service Gun League.


This device is a Doppler radar based unit used to measure projectile velocity without requiring the user to go down range to set it up. (This means it is also much less likely to be shot.) It can measure the speed of pistol and rifle bullets, shotgun slugs, arrows, crossbow bolts and airgun pellets.

For more information, see the LabRadar page.

Support for Gillian Jeffords

Gillian, concealed carry pistol permit holder and adult daughter of club member Lloyd Jeffords , is encountering legal trouble relating to a firearm in a school where she was employed. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to aid in defraying the costs of her legal defense. Click here for the Go Fund Me page to read about it and maybe make a donation:


As you may recall, we experienced a major credit card processing problem back in December. Fortunately, one of our club members recommended someone he knew personally, whom he felt confident would be able to provide an immediate solution. Mike Witonsky and Judy Pasternak of HEARTLAND PAYMENT SYSTEMS a Global Payments Company, dove into this project and didn’t stop until all the prior account knots were untangled, smoothed out and re-aligned. Now that our credit card processing is up and running smoothly, I strongly recommend their services to all of our members so that your businesses can benefit as well. Heartland is a Fortune 1000 company which is one of the few direct credit card processors. Also, Heartland offers payroll and HR, as well as gift card/marketing and lending. 
Heartland is endorsed by over 250 nationwide Associations, most notably the National Restaurant Association and the Hotel & Lodging Association.  They have many more endorsements on statewide levels, and Monroe Chester Sportsmen’s Club is pleased to add our endorsement as well. 
We are happy to announce that any of our members who enroll with Heartland for credit card processing and/or payroll services through Judy Pasternak/Mike Witonsky are eligible for a $50 gift card on each service. 
Also  club members who are in the following fields may well benefit from becoming a Heartland referral partner: Accounting, Insurance, Credit Union/Banking, Third Party Administration, Investments and Point of Sale (POS) Systems. 
You can reach out to Mike Witonsky at 845-667-6888 or Judy Pasternak 845-598-0992 for further details.  
Roy Zucca

We have a new Fishing Chairman

John Heiberger has been named the new Fishing Chairman for the Monroe-Chester Sportsmen’s Club. John introduced himself at the club meeting on 3/15 and laid out his plans for acquiring boats to be placed in some of the local fishing lakes and reservoirs as well as running some saltwater fishing trips.

A new Fishing page has been added to the club website.
John can be contacted by email at or by phone at (845)721-2281.

Welcome John! I am sure many of us look forward to your leadership and stand ready to help you get things set up.

Youth Days for 2018

 Youth Day in 2018 will be held on Saturday, May 5th and  Sunday, October 14th. Please arrive by 9am sharp.

Youth Day will consist of a fun filled day for all youth participants.

All youth participants who are not youth members of the club that are under the age of 12, are eligible with either their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to participate in the following events:  Pellet Rifles, Cannon Shooting and Archery; along with 3-D target shooting.

All youth participants 12 years old and older who are not youth members of the club are eligible with either their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to participate in the following events:  22 Rifle, Cowboy Action Rifles, Skeet, Trap, Black Powder including Pellet Rifles, Cannon shooting and Archery; along with 3-D target shooting.

All youth will be given a safety orientation by our training chairperson. Also, they will be instructed by our experienced club members on how to properly handle and enjoy these activities safely.

For more information, contact Kevin Palacino at:

Work Hours

See the new Work Hours page for work items that need doing.

Prescription Shooting Glasses

MCSC members looking to have prescription shooting glasses measured  and made can contact Manny Piazza at Warwick Optical.

Their address is 25 Elm St behind the Burger King in Warwick.
The doctor is in on Wed, Thurs and Sat.
He advises you to call for an appointment.

NYS Handgun License Recertification

Pistol Permit Recertifications are currently only required for those permits originally issued before January 15, 2013. If your permit was issued before January 15, 2013, the deadline to submit your recertification was January 31, 2018.


Official NYSP Link