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Skeet Range Construction

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Special Meeting Held to Discuss Orange County Pistol Issues

On Tuesday, September 19 the club held a special meeting hosting County Clerk Annie Rabbitt and Under Sheriff Ken Jones. The hour and half meeting was an open forum of Q&A to discuss the issues surrounding the Pistol Licensing and Amendment problems in Orange County. Over 50 + members and guests attended and a wide range of questions were handled by Ms Rabbit and Under Sheriff Jones. Ms Rabbit asked members with specific problems to call her and/or meet with her after the meeting to see if their problems can be resolved. She can be reached directly at (845)291-2695.

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2017 PPC Regional Match held at Monroe-Chester

The Monroe Chester Sportmen’s Club hosted the 2017 The New York Police Combat Association Regional Match on Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10. It was a very tight match with some very fine marksmanship turned in by a number of competitors. First Place overall winner went to club member and retired New York State Police Officer, Mike Utzig. Mike posted a very good combination score of 1456 with the revolver and 1450 with the semi auto, for a total of 2906 to take home the gold! Second place Silver went to retired NYPD Officer Steve Albanese with a combination score 2900 and third place bronze went to retired Treasury Agent Ed Tolentino who posted a score 2873.
Congrats to Mike, Steve and Ed and to all of the class winners.

Club Member Harry Bauman, who now lives in South Carolina, was assigned by the NRA as the match referee. Harry had  a great time catching up with all of his NYPCA friends and Monroe Chester Members.  See pics below.


Harry Baumann & Steve Albanese NYPD, catching up on old times.


John Schatzel, Kingston PD Ret, shooting from the barricade position.


Mike Utzig shooting targets at 50 yeards from the seating position.

25 yard standing

25 yard standing position firing two hands unsupported.

group shot

Always have to have a group shot!
L-R Jim Burnell, Lloyd Jeffords, Steve Albanese, Harry Baumann, Derrick Lopez, Roy Zucca, Manny Andrews, Ron Dileo and Chris Story.


Harry Baumann and Ed Tolentino


Mike Utzig and Mike Mosner

Berm work has been completed on the Outdoor Pistol Range

The 50 yard berm has been rebuilt so it better protects the turning target system.

The 25 yard mini-berm has been cleaned up.



Sporting Clays Range Officers Annual Dinner

The MCSC Sporting Clays Range Officers Annual Dinner was  held on February 25, 2017. To see some pictures from the event go to:

Three Wood Stoves

The club has purchased three wood stoves from our friends from the Bellvale Community.

This past weekend three men from the Bellvale Community were kind enough to deliver and set up the first one in the pistol/rifle building.. One will be installed in the Archery building and the third unit will be dropped off in the Colchester building. If there is a club member who would like to earn their 5 work hours for 2017 and install the unit in Colchester please email me and let me know when and the work will be done….

Thanks, Roy Zucca, Club President.

The stove in the picture below is installed in the Rifle/Pistol Shack