December 30th:

The club apologizes for any inconvenience to it’s members for the dues payment problem during the month of December. Briefly the company processing our our credit card account dropped the club on November 30th for lack of use. It has taken enormous amount of work and member help to start a new account for 2018. As of Tuesday, January 2 the club account is up and working.
All dues can be paid on line as in the past and the payment period has been extended until January 31, 2018. Any member delinquent after February 15 shall be charged an administrative fee of $30. Delinquency continuing beyond February 28 shall result in termination of membership.

2018 On-line Dues Procedure

Dues Documents:

Please read these documents before paying your dues.

To access the Member Area to update your personal information, verify your work hours and pay your 2018 membership dues:
Click here: Member Area to log in.
Your Member ID is your badge number.
Your Password is your ID number and ZIP Code (unless you changed it).

In the Member ID box type in your club ID number which must be 4 digits. (e.g. 1234).
If you have a single digit ID number, 2 digit ID number or 3 digit ID number you must include zeros in front of your ID number.
For example, ID number 3 would be entered as “0003”, ID number 23 would be entered as “0023”, or ID number 999 would be entered as “0999”.

If you have not previously changed your password, then in the Password box
type in your 4 digit ID number and your 5 digit home Zip Code.
There must be a total of 9 digits.
For example, a member with ID number 23 living at Zip Code 10990 would enter “002310990”.
(This password is your default password. You can change your password if you wish.)

If you changed your password and have forgotten it, send an email to webmaster@monroechestersportsmen.org requesting its retrieval.