Bird Preserve



There will be a Preserve meeting on Sunday, June 25 @ 9:00 A.M. at Main Clubhouse!  Dues will be accepted at this meeting!  The Preserve dues are due for the 2017-2018 season.  Keep in mind that Preserve members can hunt every day with a 2 bird limit from the beginning of October thru the end of March EXCEPT for the NYS deer season.  Birds are stocked every weekend.  The cost of dues this year will be $350.00   if paid by August 15!  This increase is due to  the cost of birds and the amount we will be putting out this season.  I would appreciate if the dues are paid by August 15 so the correct amount of birds can be ordered for release.  This is a budgeting issue.  Dues received after August 15th are $360.  Make checks payable to the MCSC Preserve.   Dues are due in August to provide a deposit for the bird provider.  All Preserve dues go to purchasing birds.

Mail checks to:  MCSC Preserve

C/O. Pat Heffernan

134 Quaker Hill Road

Monroe, New York 10950

Please include a copy of an old hunting license or hunter safety course certificate.  Please provide your Club ID# .  If your email address, if not currently on file, please include. This allows me to send preserve announcements, etc.  In return you will receive back tag, Preserve rules and a copy of Preserve Release schedule.  If you are new preserve member, please let me know!

There will be one cleanup this year on Sunday 9/10/17

We start at 8:00 AM (at the bird shed).  Bring gloves, pruners, tools, shovels, chainsaw, weed whacker, rake, garbage bags, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 845 – 782- 2212


Note: Eye Protection, Orange Hat & Vest and Current Preserve Back Tag Must Be Worn.

Release Schedule 2017- 2018

Club ID Numbers – EVEN Club ID Numbers – ODD Club ID Numbers – ODD Club ID Numbers – EVEN
Saturday 9:00 AM Start Sunday 9:00 AM Start Saturday 9:00 AM Start Sunday 9:00 AM Start
9/30/17  NO HUNTING! 10/1/17 10/7/17 10/8/17
10/14/17 10/15/17 10/21/17 10/22/17
10/28/17 10/29/17 11/4/17 11/5/17
11/11/17 11/12/17 Deer Season 11/18/17 Deer Season 11/19/17
Deer Season 11/25/17 Deer Season 11/26/17 Deer Season 12/2/17 Deer Season 12/3/17
Deer Season 12/9/17 Deer Season 12/10/17 12/16/17 12/17/17
12/23/17 12/24/17 12/30/17 12/31/17
1/6/18 1/7/18 1/13/18 1/14/18
1/20/18 1/21/18 1/27/18 1/28/18
2/3/18 2/4/18 2/10/18 2/11/18
2/17/18 2/18/18 2/24/18 2/25/18
3/3/18 3/4/18 3/10/18 3/11/18
3/17/18 3/18/18 3/24/18 3/25/18
3/31/18 4/1/18 4/7/18* 4/8/18**
**  Possibility that birds might not be available these 2 dates due to 2018 season ending

Note:  Eye protection, orange hat & vest and current Preserve Back Tag must be worn.

Note: All  dues must be paid in full, NO EXCEPTIONS!
The preserve will be closed for NYS Deer Season from Saturday 11/18/17 through Sunday 12/10/17
There will be.  one cleanup day this year – 9/10/17.  We start at 8:00 AM (at the bird shed).
Bring gloves, tools, pruners, shovels, chainsaw, weed whacker, rake, garbage bags etc.
Preserve bag limits per day:
2 Pheasants or 2 Chukars or 1 Pheasant and 1 Chukar
(Note:  2 Quail = 1 Pheasant or 1 Chukar)

Any questions, etc. please call  Pat @ 845-782-2212 or email at!