Winter Service Gun League

The Winter Service Gun League is held each year starting in January and running through April. It is the winter extension of the PPC matches held at the club during the summer months. The match conforms to of the rules of the PPC Service Gun match and two scores are transferable to the PPC matches held by the NYPCA.  The league is open to both MCSC members and non-members. You do not have to be a member of the military or law enforcement to shoot this league.

This year the NYPCA is awarding a trophy for the best Duty Gun score. The rules for applying the two best scores of the Winter Service Gun League for a Duty Gun Award are given here: NYPCA Duty Gun Match

For more information on the Winter Service Gun League, download the 2017 Winter Service Gun League Flyer, or contact Jim Burnell at (914)419-4987 or by email at:

The 2017 league finished on April 24th.

The final 2017 scores are available here: 2017WSGL in MS Excel format.

The final week’s scores are available here: 2017WSGL in PDF format.

Last updated on April 25th, 2017.

Thanks to all the shooters who competed in this league.

A special thanks to the WSGL Team:

  • Wayne Bauman
  • Sandy Glusica
  • Mark Malanowski
  • Greg Straub
  • Mike Utzig

Jim Burnell – WSGL Match Director