Cowboy Action


Matches are held monthly starting in March.

2018 Match Dates:

  • Sunday March 4th
  • Sunday March 25th
  • Sunday April 22nd
  • Sunday May 6th
  • Sunday June 3rd
  • Sunday July 1st
  • Sunday Aug 5th
  • Sunday Sept 2nd
  • Sunday Nov 4th

Registration runs from 8:30 – 9:30 AM
There is a mandatory safety meeting for all shooters at 9:30 AM. Shooting starts at 10:00 AM
The registration fee is $15.00, Young Guns $5.00, Buckaroos: Free
Please Remember To Bring Lunch and A Beverage

Required Gear
Eye and ear protection is required for all participants and spectators.
Cowboy dress, At least a cowboy hat, long sleeve work shirt, jeans (plain not designer and boots. No ball caps, sneakers, camo or T- Shirts please
Any pair of single action revolvers, lever action rifle in pistol calibers and a shotgun without automatic ejectors in a style available prior to 1998. Any lever action or pump shotgun with an exposed hammer (e.g. Winchester Model 1897 or Marlin Model 1898. Extractors are OK ,shotguns with ejectors  are OK with ejectors are not.
Ammunition is lead bullet only
(NO JACKETED AMMO OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED) with a velocity under 1000 FPS for revolver and under 1400 FPS for rifle.
Shotgun shell loaded with #4 lead shot or smaller
NYS Laws, SASS and MCSC Rules Apply
For Information contact Tom Payne (Duke Colaluca): 845-782-0760 or

Also, visit the official Boot Hill Regulators Website

Here are the scenarios for the April 2nd, 2017 match: April 2 2017 Scenarios

Here is the range setup info for the April 2nd, 2017 match: Range Setup April 2 2017

A letter from author John Theo

Dear SASS clubs,
I’m an established author who also teaches writing at the college level. I just had my fourth fiction novel, White Mountains’ False Flag, published by Clean Reads Press. It is a family friendly, pro liberty, pro Constitution e-book that is very firearms centered. The protagonist (Ransom Doniphon) is a Park Ranger who carries a single action Ruger Blackhawk and an Uberti lever action rifle both chambered in .45 colt.

I’m contacting single action shooting society groups around the country to see if they would be willing to pass along the link to the novel via email, or allow me to mail post-card sized book marks they can leave out for patrons to take for free? The novel can be checked out on my website or below.
This is a trailer for my new release, WHITE MOUNTAINS’ FALSE FLAG from Clean Reads Press. Available where e-books are sold or at my website …