Dennis J. Serpi Memorial Cocked and Locked Combat League

As an homage to Dennis Serpi, a beloved member of this club, The scores of the Dennis J. Serpi Cocked and Locked Combat League held at Master Class are posted here.

Final Scores for 2018: MasterClass2017-2018CombatLeague

Here are the final standings for shooters with 10 or more matches fired: MasterClass2017-2018CombatLeagueStandings

Support for Gillian Jeffords

Gillian, member of this league and daughter of league member Lloyd Jeffords, is encountering legal trouble relating to a firearm in a school where she was employed. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to aid in defraying the costs of her legal defense. Click here for the Go Fund Me page to read about it and maybe make a donation: